It will soon be October and that means only 1 thing…….We will be hosting our Annual Pudding Meeting to raise funds for the this great charity, which is close to sailors hearts, that we support but pray we’ll never need! 

This is officially an Open Meeting for RSC so we will be hosting 3 races, with the first race at 11am. The official Notice of Race (NOR) is available here.

Whilst we do not list an entry fee, we do ask for a donation to the RNLI ( we would suggest a minimum of £5 single handed boats and £10 for double handed boats – where else would you find entry fees to an open meeting that low!), with ALL funds going to the RNLI – the club does not hold anything back for expenses. 

Why do we call it a ‘Pudding Meeting’? Whilst an official Open Meeting might sound very grand, this is really just a fun event to raise funds for this great charity, so even the most inexperienced sailors are welcome – just come and sail the course and at the end every competitor will win a Christmas Pudding, although the winner may get a slightly bigger one than the rest! 

Come along, have some fun and let’s see lots of boats out on the water.