Sailing options in line with both the Governments Covid Roadmap and RYA Guidelines were discussed at today’s Open Forum following the AGM. Based on the RYA guidelines, which are displayed below, we have agreed to the following;

  • From the 29th March Free Sailing will be available if members want to arrange it – remember we need to have safety cover
  • We will keep the first available weekend free for people to review their boats after the lay up and potentially have a Free Sailing session on Sunday 4th April
  • Sunday racing will commence from the 11th April (Chris Cooper and Denis Webster have volunteered for duties for this first weekend)
  • The changing rooms will not be available until the 12th April at the earliest. Toilet facilities will be accessible. We are awaiting further guidance from the RYA, but it is unlikely that showers will be available at this time and potentially be waiting for Step 3 to be reached. 
  • We will also start the Thursday Pie & Pea series, although we will not be serving pie and peas due to the restrictions still in place. The same will apply to the bar and galley
  • We will continue to review the bar and galley availability, however this won’t be opened until Step 3 at the earliest. 
  • Until such time as we reach Step 4 we will not be insisting anyone undertakes OD duties (as is usually required by members) however, if you want to partake in either Social or Racing activity then you must be prepared to do a duty. Rob will soon be circulating a request for OD duties and dates. It is really important that you let him know what you cannot do please.