Radio control yacht sailing takes place twice a week throughout the year on Saturday and Wednesday mornings 9.30 – 1.30. The yachts we sail come in a wide variety and costs but all will fit into a medium sized car. Once two yachts meet on the water they are soon competing against one another being light hearted or in a more competitive manner. We aim to bring the great hobby of radio controlled sailing to a wide audience, so if you are interested why not visit the club and have a chat with club members. We have some of the best facilitates in the country with an excellent clubhouse and sailing water.

Classes of yacht sailed by the club

International one metre (IOM)

This class has developed into the most popular of the radio classes and a large fleet of these yachts are sailed and raced around the UK. These boats have an overall length of 1 metre, with three sail rigs utilizing one-design sail plans. The boat has a minimum weight restriction and there are maximum and minimum restrictions for the draught and weight of fin and bulb.

Marblehead (RM)

2xRMs(modelyachts)These yacht are light, responsive and very fast. The class rules allow great design and construction freedom within certain parameters. Length 1290mm maximum, draught 700mm and 0.5161 square metres of sail area.




J Class

jclass(modelyachts)This is a replica of an America Cup yacht; it has restricted sail and hull design with a low draught, making it suitable for sailing in shallow water.







This is a relatively new class to the Club and for 2014 we are having the first Monday of the month for the Regatta


Each month of the year the club sail either One Metre or Marblehead yachts, on the third Saturday of the month a regatta takes place with awards for the first three boats. J Class regattas take place six times a year on Mondays. Club members regularly travel to take part in the Northern Series events held at different venues throughout the North.

Chairman: Brian Quinn

Secretary: Sam Gill

Sailing Secretary: David Thomas