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RYA_TC_Logo_100Rotherham Sailing Club is committed to introducing people to powerboats and the safe use of powerboats whether you want to simply hire one when you go on holiday or if you want to provide support at a water sports event. We have a team of RYA qualified instructors and a range of boats to practice/learn in.  All courses have a good ratio of instructors and rescue cover to pupils.

There is a support network to encourage people to progress from beginner level to experienced and competent rescue crews.

The spicture 7ound advice and expert tuition offered by our qualified and experienced instructors is just what you need to learn quickly and to make the most of your time afloat whatever your abilities  and aspirations may be.

Start your training with a course appropriate to your skills, knowledge and experience – you don’t have to start at the beginning. Our recommended path through the courses is as follows:

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At Rotherham Sailing Club we off the following courses:


We aim to deliver aPicture99 comprehensive course, which includes a copy of the Start Powerboating book, but there is always more to learn and we recommend the Powerboat Handbook as post course reading. However, if by the end of the course you still need a little more help and support or some more practical experience to build confidence or refine some of the skills this can be provided to help you achieve the required standards.

Many European countries now require the skipper of a pleasure craft to be able to provide evidence of their competence. In practice documentary evidence may seldom be inspected, but it is generally useful and some countries essential to carry an international Certificate of Competence [ICC]. You can apply for an ICC following achievement of Powerboat level 2 or an ICC assessment.

We do not have any fixed course dates and courses are run based on demand. For non-members the costs are £150 for a Level 1, 2 or Safety Boat course, discounts apply to members. Refresher courses are tailored to individual need and prices vary depending on support required. Course fees include certification and you will receive a copy of the RYA Start Powerboating book with your first Powerboat course with us at