Training: Sail

RYA_TC_Logo_100RSC is committed to introducing people to the sport of sailing and training them on so that they can enjoy sailing or improve their sailing or progress and participate in racing. We have a team of RYA qualified instructors and a range of boats to practice/learn in.  All courses have a good ratio of instructors and rescue cover to pupils.

There is a support network to encoPicture1urage people to progress from beginner level to competitive racing. Informal sailing days away from racing and training sessions for small groups with qualified racing instructors can be arranged oPicture3n an ad-hoc basis.

The sound advice and expert tuition offered by our qualified and experienced instructors is just what you need to learn quickly and to make the most of your time afloat whatever your abilities, age and aspirations may be.

Start your training with a course appropriate to your skills, knowledge and experience – you don’t have to start at the beginning. Our recommended path through the courses is as follows:


It is important that you pick the right course for you and if you are uncertain, want a try sail or just need more information then please contact our training centre on where we can arrange a call back if you send us your contact details.

Picture5Try Sailing

A short session with one of instructors to see if you like sailing before you book your course.

The National (Adult) Sailing Scheme

Level 1: Start Sailing: An introduction to sailing, covering the minimum knowledge required to get afloat under supervision. You will be able to sail in light winds in all directions, including an awareness of launching and recovering. Course duration minimum 16 hours.

Level 2: Basic Sailing: The foundation to the sport. Becoming an independent sailor in light winds and able to make decisions in good conditions. Able to rig, launch, sail in all directions, capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge. Course duration minimum 16 hours.

Level 3: Better Sailing: Consolidating skills introduced in Level 1 and 2.   Trying some new skills and advanced methods and more confident in sailing skills and techniques and ready to progress onto advanced modules. Course duration minimum 16 hours.

The Youth Sailing Scheme

Stage 1: A basic understanding of how a boat works.   Some experience of steering and handling a boat, lunching, recovery, parts of a boat and basic sailing. .   Course duration minimum 16 hours.

Stage 2: Develop a range of sailing skills and background knowledge and be well on the way to being a confident small boat sailor.   Able to sail around a course and avoid collisions. Course duration minimum 16 hours.

Stage 3: Rig and launch your boat and be able to sail in any direction. Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery and some sailing theory. Course duration minimum 16 hours.

Stage 4: Gain the skills to sail a double handed boat as a crew and helm and solve a variety of problems afloat in moderate conditions.   Launching and recovery to a beech, jetty or mooring. Sailing a double handed boat around a triangle course. Course duration minimum 16 hours.


Seamanship Skills: How to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems including launching, recovery, stopping, reducing sail area, man over board recovery, anchoring.

Sailing with Spinnakers: Everything you need to know to sail modern three-sailed boats.

Start, Intermediate & Advanced Racing: From club racing to regatta – all you need to know to get you off the start line & around the course.

We also offer improver clinics and racing rules through our race coaches and qualified race officers.

Our training schedules are updated regularly and we are responsive to demand – contact the training team for an up to date schedule or to discuss your requirements –